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About This Site

Packers are the last people to touch the product before the customer. It is their job to make sure the order is correct, complete and packed properly to avoid damage in shipment. If they fail, the cost of fixing the resulting problems can be staggering!

The Order Fulfillment Solution Center – Packing Function Website has been created to help management become better informed about problems involved in designing and integrating a packing department into the company order fulfillment plan. Each task in the order fulfillment process is discussed from the point of view of how it affects the packing function.

The site includes information on packing department strategy, design and integration. It offers new ideas and systems to make the packing function more efficient and productive. Also included are a product reference guide for easy access to design solutions and other resources to stay up to date on current packaging issues.

The packing function can become the bottleneck that slows the entire fulfillment system. Proper integration can eliminate task duplication, extra product handling, picking errors, health and safety concerns and increase overall efficiency and productivity.

About the Publishers

The Order Fulfillment Solution Center is brought to you by Pack Materials, Inc in conjunction with Dehnco Equipment & Supplies, Inc (more information about Dehnco can be found at www.dehnco.com).  Pack Materials, Inc was founded to provide industry with a central on-line location where users can find design services, new ideas, product resources, and other pertinent information about designing and integrating a packing department into an entire company order processing system.  

The information and ideas on packing areas, compiled in this site, have been created by thousands of discussions with end users, product manufacturers, product sales representatives and visits to hundreds of distribution locations of the countries largest corporations.

  • Crate & Barrel
  • General Motors
  • UPS
  • UPS Logistics
  • Motorola
  • The Gap
  • J. C. Penney
  • U. S. Army Depots
  • U. S. Navy Depots
  • FEDX
  • CDW Warehouse
  • Abbott Labs
  • Disney
  • State Farm Insurance
  • IBM
  • Microsoft